Future incubator
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Future incubator specializes in creating and incubating small projects, which serve the country’s development plan directly as this, is an extension of what has been done in the national project AL Mubader to support youth and develop the entrepreneurship sector through which a large number of small projects that serve the development plan of the state of Kuwait were incubated. The incubator depend on its approach to training the initiators, help them in implementing their innovations on the reality ground, and then follow up to develop those projects. as well as opening marketing and promotional horizons to them worldwide in real cooperation with governmental entities , the private sector and local and international organizations to meet the needs of the state of small projects that serve development projects and contribute to accelerate the development.


The future incubator aims to enable small projects to contribute to the advancement of development through the establishment of small successful projects that meet the needs of the development plan and are based on innovation and creation.

Objectives of the future incubator

  • Identify and propose development plan needs that can be met through small projects.
  • Develop new idea to create new creative projects and help in expanding existing projects to serve the country’s development plan.
  • Helping inventors to transform their ideas into existing projects and products for implementation.
  • Provide and implement all kinds of support and advisory services and facilities available to the owners of ideas and creative projects that match with the needs of the state and contribute to the development of the country.
  • Create bridges of cooperation between small entrepreneurs and large development projects to meet the needs and the establishment  of effective companies.

What we provide

the future incubator provides specialized services for entrepreneurs and companies needs through the provision of all kinds of incubation services – financial and administrative services for projects – feasibility studies – training programs and specialized workshops – consultancy services in all fields – initiatives that contribute to the development and support of small entrepreneurs in their projects – providing investors to initiators to invest in their projects – linking the initiators projects with international platforms to facilitate promotion of these projects.
  • incubation services of all kinds ( full – partial- fast – externally ).

  • courses and workshops in innovative ways and methods that mimic small projects owners.

  • conferences and forums contribute to achieve the goals of the incubator in the creation of small projects which keep up with the goals and needs of the state and accelerate the development.

  • consulting , administrative and office services.

  • consulting services on how to establish a small project and market it until the start of the project in the market.

  • services providing the premier consultations to the project.

  • Accounting and financial services.

  • Marketing consulting services.

  • Consulting services in information technology field.

  • Legal consulting services.

  • Personal assistant services for entrepreneurs.

  • Business follow up services.

  • Services of correspondence and save documents.

  • Services of saving the customer’s knowledge network.

  • Secretarial and scheduling services.

  • Initiating initiatives that contribute to the development of the small projects sector and support the entrepreneurs and enable them to establish their projects.

  • Hospitality , cleaning and maintenance services for offices.

  • Linking the initiators with the cooperation opportunities at the level of the Arab and international world , whether developing their products or cooperation for development.

  • Providing investors for the entrepreneurs to invest in the initiators of the incubator.

  • Linking entrepreneur’s projects with global platforms to facilitate project promotion ( products – services ).