Mubarak Al Kabeer Festival Village
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Mubarak Al Kabeer Festival Village


Council of Ministers – Mubarak Al Kabeer Governorate

About This Project

Mubarak Al Kabeer Festival Village – included in the events of the holidays and national holidays of the Mubarak Al Kabeer Governorate for the year 2015.


The Mubarak Al Kabeer Festival is part of the events of Hala Febrayer (Welcome February) of Mubarak Al Kabeer Festival. It is in the form of a Kuwaiti Culture village that aims at spreading awareness among the new generation of the cultural heritage and at enhancing their sense of belonging by erecting a comprehensive cultural village that includes the Kuwaiti culture using modern means and innovative ideas. The essence of the past is merged with the present to present our cultural heritage in its best form, to convey it to the new generation using modern means, to enhance the sense of belonging to this heritage, and to celebrate the National Holiday and Liberation Day.