Future International for Consulting, Strategies, and Training
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Future International for Consulting, Strategies, and Training

Specialized in providing consultancy, training and initiatives, and our values are to be unique in innovation, creativity and excellence in order to contribute to the creation of a promising future and focus on the development of the youth sector and entrepreneurship.


Consulting services

We aim at creating an innovative generation that is up to date concerning the changes and development of societies on an international level by cooperating with government bodies in the Middle East region for providing consulting and strategic plans. This contributes in developing, growing and focusing on developing the business innovation, positive work, creativity and innovation field.


Training sector

The training sector aims at presenting specialized training programs that contribute in developing and growing national human cadres in the Middle East region. These programs are innovative and creative and go hand in hand with the developmental plans of countries and their aspirations for the future. Training is conducted through the Future Academy for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development which is a training institution specialized in the development of the youth sector and entrepreneurship through the provision of specialized training courses and workshops and events in line with the vision of the State of creating employment opportunities for youth through entrepreneurship and in line with the needs of the State of projects that contribute to the advancement of development. The Academy also offers specialized programs and courses to develop the abilities and skills of youth in many areas to become future leaders.



To contain youth, invest in them and their energies and adopt their ideas through the introduction of targeted and effective initiatives that contribute to the development of the country and the development of small enterprises through the introduction of national initiatives, conferences, national projects……..


Business Incubators

The Future Incubator aims at enabling small enterprises to contribute to advancing development through the establishment of small, successful projects that meet the needs of the development plan and are based on innovation and creativity in cooperation with government agencies and the private sector.