Future International for Artistic Production, Advertisement, Media
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Future International for Artistic Production, Advertisement, Media

It is specialized in producing and executing television programs that are specialized in the economic field, business innovation and the youth sector. The company achieved many successes in presenting programs that aim at developing and growing the business innovation sector in the region. It is aiming at announcing more television programs that contribute in moving the development wheel of Arab countries and governments, achieving the sought after goals and in particular those relating to the business innovation and youth sectors.

The advertisement and media sector is a sector that serves and supports the main goals of Future Group. It is included in every project or initiative presented by the Group. This sector is also specialized in presenting initiatives for media and awareness campaigns as well as in managing them in cooperation with international organizations and governmental bodies.



  • Producing television programs.
  • Consulting in the field of television programs and media campaigns.
  • Executing and managing media and advertisement campaigns.
  • Presenting media initiatives for developing and growing societies in cooperation with government bodies and international organizations.